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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mayweather spits in journalists' faces, tell them it's raining

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Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

"I don't really have time to read the secondary sites. I know that Floyd Mayweather gave interviews. And I don't want to get involved in a back and forth with Bob Arum," said Schaefer. "I have nothing else to say about it."

Everytime I try to stand tall, to defend the Forces Of Evil when I think they might not be wrong, they kick me in the teeth.

That's Golden Boy's Richie Rich Schaefer, on the defensive about L'il Floyd completely dissing some Filipino journalists and refusing to even speak to them at the Thursday Mayweather-Mosley press tour shindig in Los Angeles.

Schaefer, in speaking to Lem Satterfield at AOL Fanhouse, is basically spitting in all our faces and then telling us it is raining.

Let's parse this brusque and supremely arrogant response from Oscar de la Hoya henchman:

1. Schaefer has no time for “secondary sites,” does that mean and does that mean all the Pinoy sites including that of huge TV network GMA (whose Chino Trinidad was among those brushed off by the petulant Mayweather? Pray tell what Schaefer has to do that is more important than taking the pulse of the boxing public as reflected on any and all sites? In other words, Richie Rich is too busy to survey what his paying customers are reading and thinking about? Bottom line, he could care less.

2. .Imagine if Mayweather and his minions had rejected ALL Mexican journalists, the shock, the horror, the weeping and gnashing of the Goldens. All RRS cares about is his solid information that the mercurial Mayweather granted SOME interviews. Ignoring journalists from the Philippines...well, who cares? RRS is a busy, busy executive who doesn't want to dirty his hands to probe this disturbing incident.

(See Paula Duffy's column in which Mayweather flack Kelly Swanson, respected boxing veteran who got her start working with Riddick Bowe and his mercurial promoter Rock Newman, contends that Mayweather refused to discuss Pacquiao or drug testing with ANYBODY Thursday in Los Angeles.)

3 RRS doesn't want to play verbal volleyball with Arum on this isssue because he knows Arum is in the right, not always, but is in the right but this time. On this issue, he is absolutely correct. Having just spent five successive days at Manny Pacquiao's Wild Card workouts, I did not see a journalist of any nationality, race, creed or religion (“No Buddhists or Mormons Allowed”), even those miserable wretches from the “secondary sites” were freely admitted and even on days besides the Media/Open Workout designated day. Basically, what I saw at Pacquiao Central was free, untramelled access for ALL boxing journalists. No questions, no subject was deemed taboo.

4. Schaefer dismisses the whole topic as in it's worthy of my important time and energy, he is such a puffed up important guy, you see. So what if a few guys from a Third World nation got no time from Mayweather, who really cares?

Schaefer is right about one thing, now it's time to let this issue go. Someone said the Pinoy journalists were late for the presser and that's why they were brushed pff by Mayweather. He couldn't spare a few minutes for guys who flew all the way from Manila to get to LA?

5 .But you Filipinos, whether you are journalists or just their readers or viewers, are on notice.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't think you matter. He doesn't think refusing to speak to a respected, fair and balanced guy like Trinidad, someone who has millions upon millions of viewers, is any major deal.

Maybe you should not forget this public slight.

Maybe you can return the favor to him and to Golden Boy.

It might be impertinent of me to ask but when will Oscar The Grouch speak out, give his take on the situation?

My guess would be May, June or July...when Oscar hears about it!

By then, Oscar may have perused even the secondary sites, lol.

For Mayweather, for his hired, Golden hands, this is strictly a secondary issue.

It's not an issue of racism, or of discrimination, it's just thoughtless conduct borne of arrogance.

Second class treatment for second class journalists.

I mean, they're Filipinos, not Americans, right?

How important could they possibly be?

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