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Friday, April 2, 2010

Unholy Trinity: Pacquiao can't bend on Mayweather apology

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Mayweather vs Mosley
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

Coach Freddie Roach let loose with a with a typical verbal bombshell on Jim Rome's national TV program last week.

Manny Pacquiao's "Master" suggested that, to make a Floyd Mayweather-Pacman bout a reality, Mayweather could abandon his irritating random blood test demands in exchange for the Pinoy Idol squashing his litigation against his fecund accusers.

I won't say Roach's trial balloon was shot down but no one has heard a peep out of Pacquiao or promoter Bob Arum backing his play.

Obviously, as you can see in this photo of Pacman on the campaign trail, he is literally playing it close to the vest.

I saluted in a rapid twitch, knee jerk fashion because I naively thought such a fair proposal might indeed clear the decks for the Only Fight That Really Matters after Money May handles his beeswax with Sugarfree Shane Mosley on May 1.

I moved too fast and my haste made waste.

(By the bye, I see that Edwin Valero has been fully detoxified with that Venezuelan Instant Sobriety Treatment and should be back in the ring in, oh about seven or eight minutes from now. This man takes 12 Steps in a single bound. If Valero went to the Betty Ford Clinic, he would just use the drive through, getting a big bag of rehab to go with maybe a chimichanga thrown in.)

A week later, though, and I have to confess I was wrong to snap, crackle and pop to Roach's seemingly Solomonic (cut the baby in half, giving 50 percent to both "mothers") solution.

You see, Roach dropped the ball in omitting one nonnegotiable aspect of such a quid pro quo swap between the opposing camps.

I can't believe I overlooked it so I'll blame it on onrushing senility combined with Euro jet lag as I was wandering the Continent at the time.

Yes, Manny can have Arum call off the legal beagles and lead dog and OJ Simpson civil case nemesis Daniel Petrocelli.

Yes, it is not beyond my belief that Mayweather might agree to a different drug testing scheme than the one which wrecked the December/January negotiations.

But, and here's where personal and Pinoy pride come in, Pacquiao must demand a public apology from all those who have besmirched his good name sans a shred of probative evidence.

That means you, Oskie de la Hoya, and you Golden Gatekeeper, Richie Rich Schaefer.

I can think we can leave out Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Uncle Roger as they are just empty tin cans rattling around in a fantasy world of "A meth" and Filipino soldiers impervious to bullets.

But it includes L'il Floyd, absolutely.

He's the main accuser, with his continual parroting of "why wouldn't Manny take a drug test for $40 million?" This line of patter is sickening but it has helped put a huge shadow of doubt over Pacquiao's storied ring accomplishments.

If I were Manny's adviser, I'd accept a well written, public apology signed and acknowledged by this Unholy Trinity, Mayweather, de la Hoya and Schaefer.

Then I'd drop the lawsuit but only if there is a written agreement over drug testing and all other terms are in a fully signed bout contract for the magical match.

Roach wasn't wrong but he uniwttingly left out the most important element of any peace agreement.

The Unholy Trinity has to say they're sorry.

The apology won't be in the vicinity of sincere, we know that, but it must be in writing, unambiguous and fully revealed to the world.

If Pacquiao drops his guard on this, he will lose respect.

These people dragged his name through the dirt and they must at least express their regret for doing so.

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