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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Analysis from ringside: Mayweather crucifies Mosley

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International Sports Examiner | Marv Dumon

RINGSIDE - Las Vegas, NV

As predicted, Floyd Mayweather, Jr (41-0) dominated Shane Mosley (46-6) in a one-sided decision win at the MGM Grand Arena in a welterweight title showdown.

Round 1 >

Ringside view. What an entrance. Actors on stilts in costumes, with fake money being thrown into the crowd! Incredible atmosphere. People are laughing.

Floyd grapples Shane and comes out with an effective left hook. Mayweather is making Mosley pay for coming forward. Shane is throwing a reach jab into Floyd's middle section.

In this round, Mosley looks hesitant to jab, and looks aware of getting countered. Floyd is clearly faster than Mosley.
Round 2 >

Right hook by Shane clearly hits Floyd, who is now getting hit with swarming combinations. Mayweather is wobbled on the knees and appears hurt. Floyd is uncomfortable.

The crowd is very loud, yelling "Mosley, Mosley, Mosley!"
Round 3 >

Mayweather's left jab is backing down Shane, who now appears hesitant to punch for fear of being counered.

Round 4 >

Mosley is clearly getting outpointed in this fight. Mayweather continues to counter Mosley, and now has no conviction in punching. Mosley simply feinting and moving, with little punches. Mosley won the second round, Mayweather has won the rest.

Round 5 >

Mayweather throwing more punches, is boxing, and is countering Mosley. Shane looking uncomfortable. Mayweather's foot movement allows him to move away from harm. Mosley is now confused.

Round 6 >

Mayweather is simply hitting Mosley flush in the face. When Mosley comes forward, Floyd releases his right hand with unbelievable speed. Five rounds to one for Mayweather.

Round 7 >

Mayweather can fight backwards. Mosley cannot fight backpedalling. Sugar Ray Leonard was able to fight backwards. Mayweather is able to tie up Mosley at will. Tremendous grappling skills. This is embarassing. Crushing right hands from Mayweather. The crowd is loud. Very loud.

Round 8 >

A modern crucifixion. Crowd yelling "Money, Money, Money!"

Round 9 >

Floyd Mayweather simply grappling and holding Mosley to prevent any effective attack. Mosley can't do anything about it. Floyd has been in control.
Round 10 >

Nine rounds to one, Mayweather. Hitting flush with right. Crowd reacts loudly. Mosley's hands are down, he knows he is getting a beating in front of the world.
Round 11 >

Read rounds 1 - 10. Repeat. Dominance.
Round 12 >

The crucifixion is almost over. The bell rings, some people are relieved. Mayweather and Mosley embrace and smile. Floyd goes to Nazim Richardson, who refuses to look at a smiling Floyd, and refuses to shake "Money's" hand.

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