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Monday, February 1, 2010

Floyd Mayweather's blueprint to restoring himself to P4P throne

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Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

If President Obama can extend the olive branch to those Bolshevik-hating elephants, then why can't I do the same?

I'm calling a 24 moratorium on hate, a one day respite in the endless wars between the Pactoids and the Flomos, the boxing equivalent of those hillbilly rivals the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Many of the haters are exceedingly confused. One minute, I am on Bob Arum's payroll. Scroll down four comments and I am sucking up to the Golden Boys.

Truth is I am only on the Examiner payroll and why would I hate Floyd Mayweather, anyway? Besides his super skills, Mayweather is the salt to Manny Pacquiao's pepper, the milk to the Manny coffee.

I want to go back to my theme of yesterday and reassert, first, that Mayweather's voluntary retirement was ill advised and he suffers from it because he left the stage and the Pound for Pound emperor's throne empty, a vacuum which the Pinoy Idol quickly filled.

By contrast, look at the super middleweights with the Showtime tournament. When it started, the world's best super middleweight was the “retired” Joe Calzaghe. Like Mayweather, he too appeared on a TV dance show, the UK version known as “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Suffice to say, Cazlaghe and his Russian moll were not twinkletoes on the telly, neither one making anyone flash back to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Reminds me of the one dollar per week my mother used to make me drag my little brother to in the Allston Brighton section of Boston. Once we mastered “shuffle, ball, change,” I started taking little bro to the King of Pizza where two bucks was worth four freshly made slices as I recall. Not only that, you got a free show with the pizzaman kneading the dough and then trying to through it through the ceiling.

(See Ricardo Lois on Pacman training while Mayweather continues steroid chatter)

(See Ollie Suarez at on a similar theme.)

But I disgress.

Point is, that no super middleweight has taken Welsh Dragon Calzaghe's place at the 168 poound pinnacle, all the more reason I see Joe returning to the ring when the Showtime winner is crowned.

Mikkel Kessler has stumbled, Jermain Taylor has retired and Andre Ward may continue to shine as a possible supernova. Perhaps King Artie Abraham punches his way to the tourney title.

None of them could beat Calzaghe today, tomorrow or next month. It's simple to deduce that Cazlaghe, even as a layabout, remains king of the super middles.

Mayweather's situation is vastly different because his throne was occupado when he deigned to come back to the sport.

In my helpful mode, and whislt extending the hand of hood, good, brotherhood to you Flomos, here's how Mayweather could regain the P4P throne:

1.By beating Pacman to a pulp! Doh!

2.If Joshua Clottey can shock the world by shocking Pacquiao on March 13 in Dallas.

3. By not just outpointing Shane Mosley May 1, but by beating him thoroughly in an entertaining fashion which, at age 32 and given his natural inclination, I do not know that Money May is capable of accomplishing.

4 .By saying the hell with it, and calling Tall Paul Williams out either at 147 or 154 pounds, L'il Floyd's choice of weights. Mayweather wouldn't even need his Golden Boys to make it, he could just tell adviser Al Haymon to call himself.

5. By dropping all the namecalling and the sarcasm and showing his likeable side to the media and thus to the public more often. Mayweather's villain role pays well, I know, but he could shut it off once in a while.

6. If Pacman looks pedestrian against Clottey but wins, it helps Mayweather's arguments but I think the public will cut Manny some slack if he has any sort of an “off night” after his recent sizzling showings.

7. By explaining what was scientific or magical about the 14 days before the fight random blood test for Manny. Oops, I forgot. That was a sham to begin with so it cannot be logically explained.

There's your blueprint, Floyd. Can you follow it or do you need a GPS?

Btw, Floyd you don't have to keep saying “thank you” to the lady on the GPS in your Maybach.

She is just like all those Pacquiao fans, she can't hear you.

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