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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Floyd Mayweather’s Criticisms: A Tribute To Pacquiao’s Greatness

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By Oliver Suarez
Tue, 02 Feb 2010

Recently Floyd Mayweather Jr. once again talked about Pacquiao in his quest to tarnish Pacquiao’s legacy.

The more Floyd keeps talking about Pacquiao, the more I am starting to believe that he is indeed an undercover ‘Pacnuthugger.’ It seems that Pacquiao’s name is always at the tip of his tongue. He probably counts Pacquiao’s number of knockouts to help him go to sleep.

Now, he is questioning Pacquiao’s ability to accomplish what he has done recently without the need of performance enhancing drugs.

It only means that Pacquiao’s resume doesn’t take a backseat to those of the past boxing greats. As much as Pacquiao’s critics try to downplay his accomplishments; the truth always comes out when they bash Pacquiao. Every time people questions Pacquiao’s ability to accomplish what he has done naturally, it only proves that the magnitude of Pacquiao’s accomplishment places him among the upper echelon of the greats.

Floyd knows it and doubts his ability to match them. As much confidence that Mayweather try to show, it’s obvious that he’s insecure about his legacy when compared to Pacquiao.

When a person reeks of jealousy and insecurity, one must find a way to destroy the person that he envies. But instead of Floyd proving to the world and attempting to surpass Pacquiao’s accomplishments in the ring, he had to tarnish his rival’s reputation by linking him to one of the most controversial issues in sports.

Mayweather recently called Pacquiao an ‘ordinary fighter.’ If he is, then I hope more ‘ordinary fighters’ come for the betterment of the sport. If Pacquiao is truly an ‘ordinary fighter,’ then Mayweather must be ‘journeyman’ fighter since his resume certainly doesn’t stack up to Pacquiao’s.

If an ‘ordinary fighter’ can win 7 titles in 7 weight divisions and be bestowed as the best fighter multiple times, then Pacquiao’s story can be an inspiration and it validates the criticisms of Mayweather Jr. Mayweather call himself the ‘superior’ fighter yet his resume falls short when compared to Pacquiao, which means that he’s the embodiment of an ‘underachiever’. A fighter, whose accomplishments has yet to match his self proclamation of the best fighter ever. In fact he’s lucky that he lives in America, who has long been yearning for another great American champion; if he wasn’t then he would already been an afterthought.

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