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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr. threw away 50 million dollars based on a ridiculous hunch

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By Dennis 'dSource' Guillermo
Thu, 25 Feb 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times before. It started from Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp down to Teddy Atlas and now the die-hard Mayweather fans and brownnosers. And the question goes, “Why would Manny Pacquiao throw away 50 million dollars over some blood tests?”

Usually that question is followed by a statement pointing out that if any person would be offered a huge amount of money to do his job and turn it down over some blood tests that there is something wrong with that person. And the prestige goes, “So why won’t Pacquiao just take the tests?”

Order in the court of truth! Judge dSource is now presiding over this case that has been blown out of proportion in the court of public opinion and press manipulation.

Let’s lay down facts shall we.

It’s been several months since Floyd Mayweather Sr., the convicted drug smuggler, former trainer of Money Mayweather, first made his steroids accusations public and yet Team Mayweather has failed to proved any form of tangible proof that would implicate Pacquiao other thank Roger Mayweather’s Philippine history lecture on how bullets used to bounce off Filipino soldiers 500 years ago because they were on a drug called A-Side Meth. And I quote in the exclusive I first published at the Examiner, Roger said “they (the Filipinos soldiers) weren’t even dying.”

Pacquiao has no ties with the people Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were connected with. No history of any failed tests that were administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The same tests and commission that caught fighters like Fernando Vargas riding dirty. I repeat, there’s been no evidence of Pacquiao’s doping, no connections with shady people and nothing except a Roger Mayweather fictional tale. I say fictional because America didn’t even exist 500 years ago so how in the world will they try to invade the Philippines on top of drugs causing bullets to bounce and people not dying? Must be watching too much of that Twilight crap Roger.

But there’s much evidence on the fact that Pacquiao has had a history with blood tests and felt weak afterwards. I have written at length in the past on that topic, you can click this link if you want to read it.

And so the real deal is, Floyd Mayweather Jr. turned his back on 50 million dollars because of an urban legend from Uncle Roger? Okay, let’s incorporate all their other baseless assertions like Pacquiao’s getting bigger and him not getting knocked out by Cotto and saying he is knocking out people since he climbed upwards of 130. Fact is, Pacquiao was knocking people out before he turned 130 and that his overall weight gain in the past 5 years is about 4 pounds. Again you want to read facts about that,

So who turns his back on 50 million dollars based on baseless hunches and made up rules and demands not being given in to? If you were to be paid a lot of money to work at a place where there are baseless rumors about, would you walk away from it? And the prestige: “Why won’s Floyd just fight Pacquiao like he did everybody else?” Again, I got 3 letters for you.. K.. F.. C.

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