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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pacquiao is Mayweather's natural predator, otherwise Floyd is PG rated

Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

On Wednesday, Floyd Kill Joy Mayweather Jr. attained the supposedly mature age of 33.

You Biblical scholars who read beyond The Ring magazine may note that was how old Jesus Christ was when he was taken to the gallows under Pontius Pilate's direction.

No, don't go there. I'm not advocating that Mayweather be crucified and I'm not being blashpemous because, like all of us (even my wretched self), Mayweather is a Child of God.

Jesus spoke in homilies, in parables and allegories. Mayweather, even on his natal day, continues to spew venomous poison about the Lord's Humble Servant, Manny Pacquiao.

(Right about now, I expect a lightning bolt to come through the computer screen.)

(Not to digress but, in another mental twist while speaking to, Mayweather in one breath labels Shane Mosley "a C Lister" and then refers to him as a Hall Of Fame quality boxer. Can this guy do contortions or what, he's like the Rubber Man.)

I'm late with Money May's birthday gift but I am think that the Hip Hop Kid might appreciate a funky Wagnalls meaning a proper dictionary.

I'd adivse Floyd to look up "ordinary" because he keeps misusing the word when discussing Pacman.

“Manny Pacquiao was just an ordinary fighter and once he got over 25, 26, he became extraordinary. That doesn’t happen in the sport of boxing so it has to be something. I started off good in my career and all the way through my career I’ve been dominating. I started off good and became great but you don't start off ordinary and become extraordinary. If Manny Pacquiao has nothing to hide, I never saw a man who didn't want to take a $25 million dollar drug test.”

Floyd's doubters are many as thius magazine cover line shows (Primer Round)

For his second big word, I'd love for L'il Floyd to look up "adversity" because, at the end of the day, that is what we remember most about our boxing icons.

(See Mr. Lois on why Manny and Floyd should emulate Oscar insofar as taking on ALL comers.)

(See Mr. Heritage on whether Clottey has proper strategy to upset Megamanny.)

When we think of Muhammad Ali, don't we first think of his huge upset of Feb. 25, 1964 (incredibly, 46 years ago today) in Miami Beach when he "shook up the world" by beating thuggish Charles "Sonny" Liston. And don't we always harken back to another big upset, when he roped a big dope named George Foreman in Zaire?

Will Mayweather ever overcome adversity in a fight the way Cassius Clay did against "Ursa Major" Charles "Sonny" Liston?

What shall we harken back to about Mayweather if he fails to fight natural archrival Pacman?

How he ducked and dodged various fighters who probably could not carry his gym bag?

It's a tribute to his natural ring gifts that Mayweather hasn't faced much adversity but it diminishes his ultimate place in history as well.

Where's the magic moment like when something on Liston's gloves temporarily blinded Cassius Clay and Angelo Dundee literally shoved him out of the corner and told him to run from the menacing Liston until his sight began to clear up?

There's been no such adversarial test for Mayweather.

So far, he's been strictly a frontunner.

Pacquiao can give him this examination if he turns a boxing match into a fight.

Pacquiao is capable of doing that and even Mayweather, in his heart of hearts, knows this.

Finally, an "ordinary" fighter does not rebound from KO losses early on his career to achieve one stunning success after another even as he goes up in weight.

An "ordinary" fighter does not become the face of boxing after dragging himself off the canvas.

Yet Pacquiao has done all this. A lesser man would've been mentally wiped out by these defeats.

An era of truly random testing is clearly coming to boxing and it could be done sans any jabbing needles as the urine testing protocols improve.

But that time may arrive after both Pacman and Mayweather are truly retired.

If Mayweather wants to be recalled as the guy who always had it his way, if he settles for that, then he will get his just desserrts.

His career, his legal will be filed under "PG" which stands for Pretty Boy was pretty good.

All Time Good or All Time Great?

Pacquiao's reach may exceed his grasp. Mayweather reach is questionable.

When he's sitting on the rocking chair, talking to his grandchildren, it will be a shame if "woulda, coulda, shoulda" is all that Floyd can say in relation to matching his skills against his obvious and most dangerous predator.

The guy who reaches for the moon, even if he fails, will be remembered more fondly.

Come May 2, I guess we'll start seeing the picture more clearly.

Will Mayweather dare to be great or will he be content with what he's done?

Sure, he and Shane will fill up the MGM Grand on May 1 with 16,000 in the arena. They deserve no less.

But Pacman is fighting before a possible 40,000 in Dallas on March 13.

He's become an international icon and people eat up his story like popcorn.

Will Mayweather dare to be great or is he smug and satisfied?

He can't crow too much about whipping "a C Lister," can he?

The jury is out.

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