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Friday, February 26, 2010

Manny Pacquiao ‘Mayweather is not ready to face me; maybe he’s afraid of me’

Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Sacramento Fight Sports Examiner | Rick Rockwell

Has Manny Pacquiao started to publicly fight back against the verbal onslaught from the Mayweathers? In a recent interview for the upcoming fight with Clottey, Pacquiao spoke about Floyd Mayweather Jr and why he thought the fight didn’t happen. Let’s examine the quotes from PacMan.

“What I believe is Floyd Mayweather is not ready for this time to face me. That’s why he makes up some reason to control the fight. I feel bad, I feel disappointment, because he’s accusing me of using drugs or whatever and he tries to ruin my name. People know that I always pray to God and do hard work. Maybe he’s afraid of me or maybe he’s afraid for this fight. I’m disappointed for what he’s accusing me and I really feel bad, Manny Pacquiao, Conference Call for Clottey fight

“What I believe is Floyd Mayweather is not ready for this time to face me”

Manny just echoed what many Floyd critics have been saying. They don’t think that Floyd was ready to really face Manny. They think that Floyd sabotaged these contract negotiations because he’s afraid.

“Maybe he’s afraid of me or maybe he’s afraid for this fight.”

There’s a large contingency of people who think Floyd is afraid to fight Manny. In fact, there are several other boxers that Floyd has “avoided” who also think that Floyd was afraid to fight them. Miguel Cotto has publicly questioned Floyd’s choices on past fighters and the fact that that Floyd wouldn’t fight him. Of course, we hade a decade of Shane Mosley saying Floyd was scared too.

Jason Larsen Sacramento, CA “Is this the best Manny can do for trash talking?”

Jason, Manny isn’t a trash talker. He lets his boxing do the talking. In fact, on the same conference call Manny commented on trash talking.

“Some fighters like me, we can be the greatest fighter without trash talk. His style is, you know, he’s talking a lot of trash talk to be known as Mayweather like that, to be known as champion, but it’s not a good example for everybody. We can not change that because we are different.” PacMan

Pete Nelson Sacramento, CA “Why do people say Floyd was scared to fight Manny?”

Floyd has developed a reputation for ducking fighters in the past. People think Floyd continued his ducking by accusing Manny of taking PEDs and then demanding a non-mandatory style of drug testing. Floyd has never made these accusations of Manny before yet the Mayweathers think Manny has been on PEDs for years.


I think the more Manny publicly combats Floyd’s actions and comments, the more positive it will be for Manny. As long as he doesn’t take a page out of Floyd’s “gum bumping” then Manny could really help his cause from a public image standpoint. In regards to these specific comments, I agree with Manny and the rest of the Floyd critics. I do think Floyd is scared to fight Manny and he did whatever he could to destroy these fight talks.

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