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Friday, February 26, 2010

"I'm betting 5 million on myself to destroy Shane Mosley!"

Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
February 25, 2010

Breaking boxing's Lamari Jackson was recently able to speak with hall-of-fame bound, pound-for-pound boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Jackson spoke at length with the fighter known as "Money" regarding everything from money, cars, boxing, and his arch nemesis, Manny Pacquiao.

Breakingboxing presents the following extensive interview:

LJ: Floyd, thanks for taking the time to visit, the world's leading aggregator of boxing news on the globe.

FMJ: It's my pleasure to speak with breakingboxing. You guys do it like no other website out there giving the boxing fans exactly what they want and that's why I'm here. The one and only "Money" Mayweather baby.

LJ: Well Floyd, you have a busy week ahead of you being that the press tour for your fight with Shane Mosley is set to get started...

FMJ: (Cutting in) That's nothing. Shane Mosley is a C... maybe even a D class fighter. He's old and ready to get eliminated from the sport of boxing. You see Lamari, the sport of boxing needs real charisma, real flash, real people like myself. Shane Mosley is nothing and has made his name off of beating other old, washed-up guys like Ricardo Mayorga.

LJ: So you seem to think that Shane Mosley will be a pretty easy fight for you?

FMJ: Easy? This is gonna be like taking candy from a baby my man. I'm the best pound-for-pound fighter of all-time so for me to even struggle with a guy like Shane Mosley is just plain ridiculous. You see this... you gotta understand the sport of boxing. I am the sport of boxing.

LJ: I've listened to and have seen some other interviews you've conducted where you've spoken at length regarding your infatuation with gambling on sports. Tell the millions of readers here at about that aspect of your life.

FMJ: Gambling on sports is a cake walk for me. You see Lamari, you have to be smart to out-think all the guys you're betting against. You have to not only beat the bookies but you have to beat all the other big-time sports gamblers out there. I'm not talking about guys who bet a thousand or ten thousand dollars a game, I'm talking about the guys that are betting hundreds of thousands on games like myself. I've had days when I've lost alot but most of the time I come right back and win double what I've lost real quick like. This game is nothing to me really. I mean... I've got so much money betting a couple hundred grand on a college basketball game is just enough to get my competitive juices moving.

LJ: Wow! That sure is alot of money! Do you ever bet on your own sport?

FMJ: No... not really. There's not enough talent out there in my sport to bet on. Do you see how horrible the heavyweight division is today? Would you ever even think of betting on that garbage? You seem like a smart guy Lamari so I doubt it. We'll see... I might bet a couple million on myself to beat Mosley. It'd be the easiest money to make. Yeah... in fact, I think I will bet a cool $5 million on myself against Shane Mosley (chucking). Yeah... print that, I'm betting $5 million dollars on myself to destroy Shane Mosley.

LJ: That's alot of money we're talking about. Speaking of money... I saw your episode on MTV cribs were you show the world your "Big Boy" mansion and your fleet of cars. Tell us a little bit about how that's going for you.

FMJ: (chuckling) That was fun! Those people ate MTV were extra cool to be around unlike some of the other networks I've worked with. Well... you know we had to break out the nice whips for the fans. That's what they pay to see so that's what I do. I'm shopping around right now thinking about picking up a Bugatti Veyron. That's a 2 million dollar car I think I might need to add to my fleet of chariots if you know what I'm sayin. The "Big Boy" mansion is cool but I like the action on the Las Vegas strip much better.

LJ: Ok, lets switch it back to boxing for a minute... what about Manny Pacquiao? You were supposed to fight him in March of this year but that...

FMJ: (cutting in) Manny Pacquiao is nothing. He's already got knocked out twice, lost to Erik Morales, and declined a $25 million dollar drug test. I think that says enough about Manny Pacquiao's character. He can't sell Pay-Per-Views on my level. I mean... c'mon, when he fought Marquez, they didn't even break what was it... 500,000 Pay-Per-View buys. When I fought Marquez we did over one million. I mean... it's crazy when people try to compare me and Manny Pacquiao. I've been dominating this sport ever since I laced them up and he's just recently became somewhat of a name guy. When else in the sport of boxing have we ever seen a guy all of sudden get so big and dominant at this stage in their careers. Then, when we ask him to take a drug test, he refuses... somethin ain't right!

LJ: It is a little strange to say the least but let's say that Manny Pacquiao isn't on any performance enhancing drugs...

FMJ: (cutting in) If Manny Pacquiao really isn't on something, he might be superman but I can guarantee you that something isn't right.

LJ: Well Floyd, thanks for taking the time to speak with Do you have any final words for the millions of readers across the globe?

FMJ: Yeah! I'd like to say a special thanks to the only place where "Money" Mayweather will do any sort of boxing talk online. I'd like to thankall the fans reading this. Mayweather Promotions is set to have a big 2010. Philthy Rich Records is set to launch some exciting young artists like my man P-reala aka "The Harlem Hotboy". Our goal is to go quadruple platinum and continue getting that big boy dollars. Thanks for having me and buy that Pay-Per-View come May 1st to see the retirement party of Shane Mosley.

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