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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mayweather Jr very confident and cocky 2 weeks before the fight ‘No one has a chance to beat me'

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
Sacramento Fight Sports Examiner | Rick Rockwell

During his Las Vegas media day, Floyd Mayweather Jr was on top of his game. The game he has perfected over his career; the game of trash talking. Once gain, Floyd Mayweather Jr let the world know how confident he was in himself. Let’s examine further:

"No one has a chance to beat me. All of these fighters do the same interviews, talking about how they are going to beat me. Guess what? Same interviews, same results. It hasn't happened yet.” Mayweather Jr

Well, Floyd is correct in the fact that nobody has beaten him yet. But, it’s common knowledge that many question his choice of opponents over his career. Even boxers like Miguel Cotto and George Foreman have questioned Mayweather’s courage and selection of fights.

Now, I think Shane does have a chance to beat Floyd. In fact, Team Mayweather also thinks there’s a small chance which is one of the reasons why they had an immediate rematch clause put into the fight contract. Manny Pacquiao has a great chance of beating Mayweather Jr if that fight were to ever happen. Obviously, Floyd blew a lot of smoke with this comment.

"My main focus is who I am facing at the time. So many try to build an opponent or a fighter to figure me out and no one has done it yet and Shane won't do it either.” Floyd Jr

This is absolutely false. Mayweather Jr has made many comments about Manny over the last few months to the point that people were questioning whether he was even focused on the Mosley fight. I do believe Mayweather is focused on the Mosley fight now. However, I think he was more focused on Manny before.

"It doesn't matter who I am fighting, I always fight with tenacity.”

Wrong again Pretty Boy! You ran away from De La Hoya in the last few rounds of the fight. Legendary boxer George Foreman even called out Floyd calling him ‘scared’ because he thought Floyd ran away for several rounds.

“I can make anybody look like a nobody.”

I have two thoughts on this comment. It’s easy to make a fighter look like a ‘nobody’ when they are nobodies. I’d say 70% of the fighters that Floyd faced can be considered a ‘nobody’. My other thought on this comment is the fact that Mayweather made Hatton look like a ‘somebody’. He went into the later rounds with Hatton before getting a victory. Pacquiao put Hatton into retirement. Now, that’s making a fighter look like a ‘nobody’.

Robert Yahner Sacramento, CA “Do you think Mayweather Jr really believes that he can beat anyone?

I actually do think that Mayweather believes he can, especially when most of the fighters are either too old or too small when Mayweather fights them. However, put him in the ring with Manny and Floyd’s undefeated streak would be over.

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