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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catfight In Vegas: Mayweather gaybird, Mosley jailbird?

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming
Mayweather vs Mosley
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

HONG KONG--I have put some serious air miles between myself and that awful catfight in Las Vegas.

Maybe I should keep going, past Manila where I land in about three hours, and head for Ulan Bator.

That sounds like a good place to watch "Gossip Girl" Floyd Mayweather Jr. and snarky Sugar Shane Mosley try to claw each other's eyes out in a Las Vegas ring.

The prefight banter has been filled with so many low blows the Nevada commission might dump reliable Kenny Bayless and draft Jerry Springer as the referee.

Angered by the catty comments of Money May regarding his divorce, his newly acquired tattoos and a supposed nose job, Mosley came out the other day and asked if Mayweather "is gay or something?"

Not the brightest remark considering it is the year 2010 and homosexuality is not illegal in any civilized nation.

Mosley probably figures that some rumormongers will tie in rapper and Mayweather bosom buddy 50 Cent, long subject of he is gay whispers, to the situation.

I've got news for Mosley regarding anyone including Mayweather being a gay man, bisexual, heterosexual or trysexuyal, meaning including a possible wild donkey show in Tijuana and meaning he will try anything once.

I don't know what Mayweather's sexual preferences are and I don't care. Neither should you.


The silly comments reminded me that one of our greatest ever, welterweight and middleweight champion Emile Griffith, is a gay man who in less enlightened times had to hide that fact in a dark closet.

Being tough and being gay are not mutually exclusive, you see.

In retaliation, Mayweather predictably came back with remarks about Mosley possibly going to jail like track star Marion Jones diod for lying about using steroids.

If memory serves, that former Victor Conte protege got a six month bid at some Club Fed.

Maybe Mosley did not lie.

Not being the brightest lamp around, maybe he actually did not the drugs he obtained personally from Conte at BALCO were illegal. Perhaps he just thought they were miracle substances offered at popular prices by kindly Uncle Victor, the former Tower Of Power band member.

Some Mosley tosses out the "might be gay" charge while Mayweather responds with the lying under oath to a federal grandy jury allegation.

This prefight verbal exchanges are, you must admit, not very illuminating or very lofty.

Mosley and Mayweather are throwing sewer sludge at each other and it doesn't make either of them look like a boxing superstar.

As I recall, Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard never dished the dirt, real or imagined, like that.

Plus the fact they were both better fighters than these two.

Let's go into fast forward.

Let's see some shoulder rolls from Mayweather.

And let's see if Mosley can ever hit the elusive Floyd in the rear end with a bag of rice.

I don't think he can.

Do you?

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