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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shane Mosley endures extra long training camp in preparation for Floyd Mayweather

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Mayweather vs Mosley
By David Mayo

LAS VEGAS -- Shane Mosley hasn’t fought in more than 15 months. But when he steps into the ring Saturday night against Floyd Mayweather at MGM Grand Garden Arena, he effectively will do so after the longest training camp of his career.

Mosley was scheduled to fight Andre Berto in January when talks for a Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight fell apart.

Shortly thereafter, Berto withdrew from the fight with Mosley, citing personal distractions after the earthquake disaster in his native Haiti.

Mosley, already sharp from almost seven weeks in formal training, said he took off "maybe a week and a half" after Berto's withdrawal, which was his only training respite since early December and could help mitigate his career-long layoff of 15-plus months.

"And I really didn't take off that much," he said. "I have guys that I spar with that, if they have a fight coming up, I'll spar with them, even if I don't have anything. My son, I'm training him, so I'll go work with him. So I'm always doing something.”

Shane Mosley Jr., 19, is an amateur welterweight who is 6-feet-1 and probably soon headed to the middleweight division, his father said.

Having his namesake son on the rise will keep Shane Mosley Sr. attuned to boxing in a different way than he has become accustomed, although he said he never expected to stray far from the game even after his career ends.

"I'm never totally away from the gym,” he said. “Even when I retire, I won't get away from the gym. I'll probably still be around the gym, sparring, or doing something, because I can't get away from it."

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