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Monday, April 26, 2010

“Money, Bragging rights, or is it, just the timing is right”

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
By Gary Todd
Sun, 25 Apr 2010

1st of May, M.G.M. Grand, Las Vegas.

When Shane Mosley stepped through the ropes to ruin Floyd Mayweather’s post fight celebrations, on the night of his comeback fight against Juan Manual Marquez, did he think he would say enough to entice Mayweather into a showdown, sometime down the track? I would say no. No doubt, Mayweather was pissed, but he would get over it. Anyways, he had come back to fight Pacquaio, not Mosley. It was all about the Filipino, the fight, his own legacy, and the millions he could make along the way.

With the Pacquaio fight on hold, who else could he fight? Margarito, Cotto?

Mosley was like a mosquito, who bit in to him, which gave him, an itch he had to scratch.

At 39 years old, Mosley has done it all, with massive fights against Oscar De La Hoya, in 2000, and 2003, he has won multiple world championships in 3 weight divisions. He was a boxing superstar. Shane Mosley [Won 46. Lost 5. with 39 wins by way of ko.] He has had a great career.

When Mosley stepped through the ropes to sting Mayweather, he looked like a desperate man. A man with no place to go. He couldn’t fight Margarito, or Cotto.

Since 2000, after the De La Hoya fight, at welterweight, Mosley has lost in big fights to Vernon Forest, and Winky Wright, and Miguel Cotto, and he has beaten De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Luiz Collazo, Ricardo Mayorga, and Antonio Margarito in his last outing in January, 2009.

When I watched him in New York against Cotto, I thought I saw him grow old in the ring that night, and I hoped he would retire.

Cotto beat him up to the body and won the fight with his jab.

As Mosley was recuperating from the Cotto fight, Mayweather had taken Ricky Hatton to school, with an unbelievable display of power and punching perfection, knocking him from pillar to post in the 10th round.

After 39 fights, and dominating in every weight division since 1996, he announced his retirement to the stunned media, straight after the Hatton press conference. As he left the room, I asked him if he would be back. He didn’t say a word, just smiled, and winked at me.

Mayweather didn’t need to come back. “Money’s” got plenty.

With this fight just one week away, the works been done, the media and the fans have had a tremendous build up, even likening the fight to the legendary fights of Hagler v Hearns, and Leonard v Duran. Me, I wouldn’t go that far. If this fight was fought in 2006, then maybe?


Mosley is a slow starter, which could be a big mistake for him against Mayweather. If he does that, Mayweather is a master of slowing down the fight to his tempo, then raising it, while countering as he needs to. The double jab will be a big factor in this fight, as I see Mayweather fighting long, with the full jab coming in, followed with the left hook. Mosley drops his right hand, way too much, leaving himself open to the hook. I feel Mayweather will also go to Mosley’s body and just box and move all night.

For Mosley to win, he has to start fast, pressurize Mayweather, and throw his half jab, then straight right hand, wide left hook, then try and land the power punching over hand right. If he can do this, he could win this fight.

A lot of people are talking about the two fighters speed, and power, and how they will each react to it.


For me, this fight will be decided on not just speed, and power, but timing, and while I agree, both fighters have speed and power, only one of them still has timing and that’s Floyd Mayweather Jnr. This fight is about money, bragging rights, but for me, it's about the timing is right. Mayweather on points.

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