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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayweather Sr, Jack Mosley Trade Strong Fight Opinions

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Mayweather vs Mosley
By Rick Reeno

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Jack Mosley have similiar background stories in the sport of boxing. Mayweather Sr. started training his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr., at a very young age and guided his pro career until the two of them had a falling out many years ago. Floyd Sr.'s brother Roger took over as head trainer.

Like Mayweather Sr., Jack Mosley started training his own son, Shane Mosley, at a very young age and guided his pro career until the two of them had a falling out a few years ago. Shane's current trainer is Naazim Richardson.

Both Jack and Floyd Sr. sit in the background as their sons prepare for a scheduled super-fight on May 1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

According to Jack, a plan to beat Mayweather Jr. was discussed as far back as ten years ago, when Floyd Jr. was dominating the super featherweight division and Shane was an undefeated lightweight champion.

"We've had strategies to fight Floyd, since Floyd's been if we ever had the chance to fight him - we already knew how to fight Floyd, and beat him. It won't be a surprise to me when Shane beats him. We already studied him over and over and I'm sure Floyd studied Shane over and over," Jack said.

"We already laid tracks across our brains on how to fight him. Just checking him out, everything he does. It's not going to be a surprise to me when Shane wins because we've already had the strategy for years."

Jack believes his son's physicality and boxing abilities will overwhelm Floyd Jr. as the fight plays out.

"Shane is a boxer-puncher. I call it power-boxing. I'm thinking that when you're boxing a guy who may be defensive in all of his other fights, he may not be as defensive against a guy of Shane's talent. In that respect, I think Shane will be too much for Floyd to handle. He's too powerful. He takes a good punch. He hits like a heavyweight and he's fast enough to hit Floyd," Jack said.

"He's fast enough to hit Floyd, over and over and over again. And that's going to be a big problem for Floyd, and with power."

Floyd Sr., who is never at a loss for words, heard Jack's comments and fired off his own thoughts on the fight. He believes Shane's power will be neutralized by Floyd Jr.'s defense and speed.

"First off, I heard these crazy things from Jack about what Shane is going to do. Shane is going to get his ass whooped. This is what's going to happen because little Floyd is faster than Shane, much faster, much slicker, more clever, smarter and he has so many things that he can do. We already know the outline on him because Oscar De La Hoya already showed that. We already know what to do with Shane," Floyd Sr. said.

"To tell you the truth, he never really beat a black fighter, and that tells you right there on how it's going to be."

Shane is coming into this fight with a lot of steam due to last year's dominating knockout of Antonio Margarito. Floyd Sr. is not impressed with Shane's win over Margarito, and he doesn't view Shane as the biggest and/or strongest opponent in the career of Floyd Jr.

"Margarito was a walking mummy. He was a tailor-made for Shane. Floyd just has too many thing he can use against Shane. Shane is not smart. He had quick hands. He doesn't use the jab enough and when he does use it, he's going to get countered," Floyd Sr. said.

"Shane don't punch as hard as Oscar De La Hoya? Floyd fought De La Hoya and Shane is not a bigger puncher than De La Hoya. He might swing a little wider, but as far as him hitting harder I don't know about that. You have to remember one thing, hitting doesn't mean sh*t if you can't find something to hit."

"What Oscar did to him already, it's a blueprint. Oscar beat the hell out of him already. The blueprint is already laid out for him. He ain't get no better. How is he going to get better? Shane knows what's coming."

As far as the level of difficultly is concerned, Floyd Sr. does view Mosley as a stiffer test for his son than a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao.

"On the real, I think Shane would be the tougher fight. Shane would be the tougher fight because of certain reasons, so figure it out. Shane would be a much tougher fight than that 'whatever' over there that fights like a machine," Floyd Sr. said.

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