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Friday, April 9, 2010

Mayweather/Mosley, Haye, Hopkins, Jones, Berto and more

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
Mayweather/Mosley: May's 1st (loss) on May 1st?

This past week has seen some very vocal outburst between the respective Mosley and Mayweather camps. On one side, you've got Floyd Snr. stating how bad Mosley is gettin' his a** handed to him in sparring. On the flip side, you've got Jack Mosley talking about how he and his son created a master plan to defeat Floyd well over 10 years ago. With the Father's both yappin', some probably wonder what the actual fighters are thinking. Well......Mosley decided to answer that question by going public with a statement of how badly he plans to rip Floyd apart. Floyd's response? Well, lets just say that the man who normally talks for a living has been oddly quiet. That could mean one of two things. He's either hard at work - in an effort to let his actions in the ring speak louder....or he's actually buyin' into the words of Shane Mosley. I find it hard to believe the master yapper has been punk'd, but I will say this much......this is one time he'd probably better measure those words of his very carefully, as it took better than a decade to get this defining moment for Mosley....and we saw what that much time and preparation did for Bernard Hopkins. Just a thought.....

Hopkins/Haye: A 'No' Show

After relieving himself of a 17 year itch, Bernard Hopkins stated that there's one more mission he'd like to aim for. Eager to parallel the success of the man he chased for nearly two decades (Jones), the place Hopkins set those sights on would require him to go north in weight to the sports once most famed division, the land of heavyweights. At age 45 and facing the proverbial 'westside' (or sunset) of his career, few things would cap off his time in the sport like adding such a feat to his resume. Trouble is, the man he wants to face (David Haye) has no interest whatsoever in facing him, and has totally ruled out the mere possibility. For one man (Hopkins) this would be the top of the mountain, while a loss for the other would be the bottom of the grave. This realization makes that word 'grave' a very fitting element, as the 'Executioner' now holds a dream that is in fact dead.

Jones/Hopkins: Night to Remember, Fight to Forget

In appropriate Easter fashion, last Saturday fight fans received it's fair share of 'rabbits'. 'Rabbit' punches, that both headlining cards (Haye/Ruiz and Jones/Hopkins) were filled with fouls that left fight fans far from happy. Drama aside, the Jones/Hopkins showdown may have very well been the swan song affair for two of the sports most legendary figures. It may not have been the easiest on the EYES, but God 'NOSE', the memories their two HANDS gave us over the years will fill our HEADS forever! Similar to the wordplay in that last sentence and despite their respective ages, the level of talent these two men brought to the table will undoubtedly leave us hungry for more.....but all good things must come to an end! I don't know what tomorrow holds for either man, but their 'yesterday' left an indelible print on the sport I love. Best wishes to Roy Jones jr. and Bernard Hopkins. Peaceful journey, fellas! Much love.......

David Haye: Which Way Is Up?

Lately, many things in the life of heavyweight contender David Haye have gone precisely the way he planned. Up! Everything from his win total, to the level of excitement surrounding him back at home, to his spirits. With so many things on the upswing, recent conversation shed light on another that may not be as welcomed. With everything seemingly going right, what could that be? His weight. For the first time in his career, Haye entered the ring over 220lbs (222 to be exact). In a heavyweight division that boast several super-heavyweights, 222lbs seems rather small, but judging by the way the
'young gun' was breathing so hard and slouched on his stool in the corner between rounds, one can only wonder whether this 'up' will later evolve to a
'down'. The heavy-hitter recently confirmed that his attitude towards training was once rather suspect. One can only hope for him that this 'suspect' doesn't end up in a loss 'conviction', for there are no appeals when the damage is done.

Andre Berto: A Master or Disaster (Waiting to happen)?

This weekend, fight fans will get a chance to see rising star Andre Berto prove his mettle against arguably the most competitive foe of his young career. In order to do that, he'll have to do something he has shown great trouble with in the past. That something? Defeat a slick southpaw. Facing the third in a row, one would think Berto would be a 'master' at this, but Carlos Quintana comes with a little more 'pop' than the others. In the last two years he hasn't been as notable to the fight public as his talent would suggest, but many remember him as the man to dethrone the very challenging Paul Williams before being obliterated via 1st round KO in their rematch. Berto has all the tools you want in a fighter, but he has yet to test his mettle against a top-ranked contender that has done something on the sports grand stage. All that could change this weekend, but it won't come without putting up a fight. The Mosley showdown fell apart due to a deadly earthquake in his homeland of Haiti. Saturday night, we'll learn whether or not one natural disaster set the ground work for another. Stay tuned.

Cotto/Steward: Loss Prevention, Back in Contention

Puerto Rican phenom Miguel Cotto has officially joined forces with one of the best trainers in the history of the sport, Emanuel Steward. For some, this move came a fight too late, as his inexperienced corner in the Pacquiao fight arguably made a bad situation worst. The irony here is that only a few months ago, Cotto was said to be ready to walk away from the sport within less than a years time. Hiring the likes of Emanuel Steward would suggest otherwise, and a victory over 154lb undefeated champion Yuri Foreman would definitely change those plans. The initial Cotto agenda was to prevent the ongoing streak of losses and close calls, but without question, this tandem could be the start of a run for title contention.....maybe more. It'll be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

Bradley/Maidana: 'Sadly' for Bradley?......

Jr. welterweight contender Timothy Bradley has apparently signed to face the rugged Marcos Maidana. For fight fans this is the best move to be made, short of a bout with Devon Alexander. But for Bradley, I'm not so sure! Bradley has shown a great evolution in his short time in the sport, but facing someone like Maidana who has a granite chin and a bangers mentality, you really have to wonder how things will go deep in the fight when core elements like stamina and fatigue build at a high pace. Bradley looks physically to be in amazing shape, but has shown some signs that lead to question, particularly when an opponent hacks at the body. I was looking forward to a Bradley/Alexander showdown, but as much as I'd hate to say it, I'm not so sure that will any longer be that 'battle-of-the-unbeatens' i thought it would be. It's technically a 50/50 fight, but when you crack this 'dollar' down the middle, like the rapper 50cent, Bradley's '50' may mean similarly mean a 'change' in a 'change' in in the '0' that had to go! Stay tuned!

Carl Froch: A 'Two-Timer'?

U.K. phenom Carl Froch has his hands full in a pending matchup with Denmark native Mikkel Kessler. So far in the Super-6 tournament, no fighter on foreign turf has gotten the nod. Arthur Abraham was believed to be the first man to break the trend, but a one-sided showdown that ended in a sloppy fashion saw that possibility end at the hands of Michigan native Andre Dirrell. That loss for Abraham set a very uncomfortable stage for Froch, who will now find himself facing two men coming off of a loss that not only have a world of pride, but also know that another loss would spell the end of their shots in the tournament. Abraham wasn't able to capitalize in Michigan, but with Froch possibly suffering defeat to Kessler and having the formidable Abraham up to bat next, somehow, some way, I get the feeling that the home turf trend may come to a screeching halt on August 21st when the two meet, as I have no doubt Froch will not be able to withstand the power of Arthur for 12 full rounds. No one truly knows and stranger things have happened, but if I was a betting man, I'd like my chances on that one!

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