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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top 10 reasons why fans 'don’t love' Floyd Mayweather Jr (10 through 6)

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Mayweather vs Mosley
Recently, a popular website wrote an article titled “Top 10 Reasons why I love Floyd Mayweather Jr”. After ‘carefully’ reading this article, and receiving plenty of emails frome readers, I’ve decided to list the Top 10 reasons why fans don’t love Floyd Mayweather Jr.

John Snyder Sacramento, CA “Hey Rick, can you make a top 10 list of Floyd’s worse attributes?”

Aaron Williams Sacramento, CA “Rick, a top 10 list of Floyd’s biggest frauds would be awesome.”

Jennifer Davis Sacramento, CA “Can you make a list of the top 10 things people dislike about Floyd Mayweather Jr?”

Phil Andrews Sacramento, CA "Hey Rick, did you see the article about 10 reasons why I love Floyd Mayweather Jr? Can you make a Top 10 list of why fans don't love Floyd?"

10) All about the ‘Money’

Feb 13th 2010 - “Instead of 20 or 25 (million dollars), he may have to drop to 15, or 17,” Mayweather said. “And you know me, they may have to throw that extra five or 10 on mine, and we can rock and roll. Take it or leave it.” FMJ, Grand Rapids Press

9) His criminal record

Floyd Jr has a history of criminal acts from assaulting others to tax evasion. Most recently, Floyd is a person of interest in a shooting at a Las Vegas skating rink which took place last August.
The investigation led the Las Vegas Police department to execute a search warrant at Floyd’s house where they discovered Floyd’s relationship to the shooter who was arrested last month and is awaiting trial. Floyd could possible face a grand jury due to his hindering of the investigation because he lied to the police by saying he wasn’t at the shooting and that he didn’t know the shooter.

Examiner Article: Details from arrest warrant prove Mayweather Jr lied to the Police and the public about shooting

8) Dances too much in the ring

One thing that most critics dislike about Floyd’s boxing skills is that he always seems to be running away from a fight. He’ll hit his opponent maybe once or twice and then dances for 2 minutes.

“But who is Mayweather? He's a nobody. When he was young he was a loveable little fella but something went wrong and changed inside him. Now he is always cursing and bad-mouthing other fighters. The guy deserves an Oscar for some of the stuff he says. There is no way I would consider him to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He is good but he made a fool of himself against Oscar De La Hoya. He was in the greatest fight of his career and he just ran and ran like a chicken…” George Foreman, 2007

Examiner Article:If it quacks like a duck, clucks like a chicken, & runs like a coward then it must be Mayweather Jr

7) Ducks fighters

Floyd Mayweather Jr has developed a reputation over his career for “ducking” tougher opponents. Check out recent comments by Miguel Cotto on this very topic:
“That’s the thing he does for his whole career. He run from the really good boxer kind, he choose the others. I don’t know how the people who know about boxing put him in the first place in the pound for pound champion.”.. Miguel Cotto, 2009
Examiner Article:If it quacks like a duck, clucks like a chicken, & runs like a coward then it must be Mayweather Jr

6) Thinks he’s a ‘drug crusader’ and a ‘savior’

But it’s me taking a stand for something that means something. And it’s for the fighters who are up and coming. It’s sort of the same stance Martin Luther King and Malcolm X made, so we could have freedoms, so everybody could tell the world that we’re equal. The only thing I’m saying is that we are equal. So if you’re not on nothing and I’m not on nothing, then let’s go take the test. That’s all I’m saying." FMJ, Grand Rapids Press
“The only thing that I’m trying to do is clean up sports period. Out with the old and in with the new. We have to change. Everything has to change.” FMJ, ESPN 980 Washington DC\\

Click here to read reasons 5 through 1

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