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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Sr.: With steroids, Pacquiao has no chance against my son

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

What is rare as a March day in Manhattan when the temperature flirts with the 70 degree mark?

It was so balmy Thursday I thought of taking a dip at Coney Island but my new Speedo has yet to arrive...It's the Breakway Model, women breakway when they see it...

But I digress, I asked how rare this unseasonal weather is so let me compare it

(I'm like Madam Auring when it comes to seaside fashion, I also believe when you've got it, flaunt it...)

Dare I say it, a week in which your humble correspondent, with so much to be humble about, gets to chat with the two leading Manny Pacquiao critics, Popgun Paulie Malignaggi--or "Lady Gago" as some Pinoy haters who hate haters call him--and then to duly record the always enjoyable rants of Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Let Richie Rich Schaefer claim he and and his family were out dining at Dan Tana's or some other Los Angeles boite.

Let Laughing Lenny Ellerbe claim that he and L'il Floyd were tied up on a HBO commercial shoot in La La.

They claim they did not see Pacman slap reluctant Joshing Clottey from pillar post before 51,000 mostly appreciative fans in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Saturday night.

Papa Mayweather, he doesn't tell such tales.

He watched that fight on HBO PPV with the intensity of Siskel & Ebert getting their first look at a major motion picture.

I guess others in the Extended Mayweather Family can't critique Pacman and "Joke Coach" Roach but Floyd Sr., God love him, is never shy.

Ask for opinions, they roll and sometimes trip but they do come off his babbling brook of a mouth.

And they come, Jim Lampley style, bang, bang, bang like so:

ON CLOTTEY'S EFFORT: "That was not a good fight, Clottey and the other guy...What's His Name, you know who I mean...After the fight, the only one talking spit about my son was the old Joke Coach, Freddie Roach. Pacquiao wanted to talk about fighting Shane Mosley. It was obvious that Pacquiao was fighting a guy with no skill. "

ON CLOTTEY'S SPORADIC OFFENSE: "This Clottey was an embarrassment to himself, to his country (Ghana) and to boxing. In the old days, they would've made him fight or not get paid. They would have told him, 'You fight or you don't get paid.' Still, he connected some good punches and Pacquiao did not stagger so he didn't follow up. I am not stupid, I am not a crazy man, I know what I'm looking at."

Mad Hatter Floyd Mayweather Sr. lets his uncensored opinions fly bang, bang, a drive by in Compton...(AP Photo)

ON SPEAKING OUT ON PACQUIAO: "I am entitled to speak on what I think, on my opinion. I will say this, if Pacquiao is using those roids, it won't help him against my son. I got a poem on that and it goes, 'Roids don't mean spit if you can't hit.' And Pacquiao will never hit my son if they fight."

ON CLOTTEY NOT MUSCLING MANNY: "Here is this big, strong guy and he is just laying on the ropes, covering up. He was big enough to take all them punches but he couldn't throw any?

ON PACMAN'S WORK RATE, THROWING OVER 100 PUNCHES PER ROUND: "Who ever did that in boxing? My son never did that because he is a counterpuncher, an accurate puncher who makes every punch count. Pacquiao missed most of his punches with the guy right in front of him, like some robot. That's why Freddie Roach wants to fight Mosley but my son will beat him."

ON PROMOTER BOB ARUM: "I keep hearing that Arum does not want my son to fight Pacquiao. I don't know for sure that it is true but that's the word going around you know. That's my understanding, somebody said there was some newspaper article but I didn't see it."

ON MANNY BEING AFRAID OF FIGHTING L'IL FLOYD: "Look how they wanted the weight clause and asked for a $10 million per pound penalty. My son gave it to them and they still turned down the fight. Now what does that tell you?"

ON HELPING L'IL FLOYD PREP FOR SUGAR SHANE ON MAY 1: "I am in the mix with other fighters over here at Johnny Tocco's Gym but I will work with my son. I will help him whether he puts me in his corner on fight night or not, that don't matter. (On working with Uncle Roger) "I don't have to get along with Roger because that is my son, not his son. That is my kid. If Roger can't handle that, he can get his ass out of the gym because I am going to help my son out, that's all."

Rat, tat, tat and bang, bang, bang.

Floyd Sr. zips his lip for nobody.

Shouldn't he be Malignaggi's trainer, lol?

Paging Dr. Larry, Dr. Curley, Dr. Moe...this was a wonderful week for Pactrashing, was it not?

Next on the White Gorilla Show: Hating haters who hate, hate, hate.

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