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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
By Ronnie Nathanielsz
Thu, 18 Mar 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr didn’t watch the fight between pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and Ghana’s Joshua Clottey before some 51,000 fans at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium last Saturday not because he didn’t want but because he was in Los Angeles shooting an HBO commercial.

Respected sportswriter David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan who is a friend of the Mayweather family as well as Floyd’s adviser Leonard Ellerbe informed us that Ellerbe had told him “neither he nor Mayweather watched because they were in Los Angeles shooting an HBO commercial for the Mosley fight.”

Mayweather Jr faces Shane Mosley on May 1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada for Mosley's welterweight title.

Mayo said “Whether they actually did or didn't, that's what he said, and I'm inclined to believe him.”

The sports journalist indicated he didn’t know whether Floyd Mayweather Jr’s uncle Roger watched it “ but I doubt it. He's cheap and probably will wait for it to come on mainstream HBO for free this week. If anyone did, it would've been Floyd Sr.”

Mayo himself said he watched the fight and pointed out “ Clottey didn't want to fight and Pacquiao did what he had to do, hit what he could when he could. It was a dull fight but that's because Clottey chose to make it one.”

He promised to check with Floyd Mayweather Sr tomorrow and would let us know whether ghe watched the fight and what he thought of it.

An earlier report on an internet site which was subsequently widely quoted in which Mayweather Jr was reported to have claimed that Pacquiao was one dimensional and an amateur proved to be false because Mayweather never watched the fight and didn’t speak to any reporter about it.

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