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Saturday, March 20, 2010

How will Floyd Mayweather's campaign to clean up the sport all end?

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
Pittsburgh Fight Sports Examiner | Scott Heritage

Some of the terms to Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley's random drug testing were revealed yesterday, with a conference call taking place between several involved parties.

Certain specific details are kept secret, primarily to ensure athletes don't know any more about the testing than they need to, although it did shed some light on the future of Mayweather's campaign to clean up the sport.

Although all concerned seem positive about the testing procedures at the moment, a lot of that depended on Mosley being compliant and desperate for a big name fight.

There is a real danger that Mayweather will eventually be forced into backing down from his self imposed testing pedestal. After all not every fighter out there will want to agree to his extra testing stipulations.

Although at one point the only option for getting to the pound for pound throne was to get past Mayweather, there is now another option and a new king. Manny Pacquiao doesn't insist on any extra testing and can provide any up and comer with an equally lucrative pay day.

Shane Mosley was all to eager to agree to the extra testing Mayweather wanted, although he has a vested interest of his own. After being caught up in the Balco scandal him testing clean will reassure anyone thinking he might have been taking steroids intentionally and might still be on them.

Not all opponents will have anything to prove by taking extra testing though, and while Mayweather's name alone merits compliance at the moment, it won't have the same pull for that long. Either after he loses, or gets older and is eventually surpassed by fighters willing to take on anyone and everyone at the weight rather than being selective, Mayweather isn't always going to be the guy calling the shots in the negotiation room. Floyd might balk at the idea of him ever being the second draw fighter, but just ask Shane Mosley if he saw it coming either.

What Floyd needs to make his campaign actually worth something is to get the support of other fighters if he's really serious about it. If it was just a negotiating ploy aimed exclusively at Manny Pacquiao that got out of hand, he would be better off dropping it altogether.

Reportedly the NSAT (New York Athletic Commission) is considering updating its testing procedure, although how much this has to do with Mayweather's campaign isn't entirely clear. The testing agency that he and Mosley are using for their May showdown is the USADA, which isn't affiliated with any boxing commission under normal circumstances. What role they will have if the respective state commissions decide to overhaul the testing procedures isn't clear.

As much as they might like the idea of being a partner in whatever happens, there isn't any reason why the commissions won't kick them to the curb once the new procedures are set out. After all why reward the USADA for stepping on their toes in the first place?

Tommy Gunther, Pittsburgh PA: "No other fighter apart from Mosley has had to take a stance yet, some have said its a good idea, but no one else actually wants to get on board it seems"

Sean Lock, Pittsburgh PA: "Who's side are Golden Boy going to take if one of their other fighters doesn't want the extra testing? Lets say for example Amir Khan in a couple of years is a big star and wants to fight Floyd but won't take the tests, what are Shaefer and co going to do then?"

Ralph Lawrence, Pittsburgh PA: "I think the campaign will eventually get dropped. Sooner or later Floyd will run out of opponents willing to bow to his demands, especially as he gets older and if he ducks the best fighters in the future like he used to"

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