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Friday, March 19, 2010

V8: Pacquaio, Clottey, Mayweather/Mosley, Green, and more

Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episodes, Mayweather vs Mosley, Mayweather vs Mosley News, Mayweather vs Mosley Online Live Streaming, Mayweather vs Mosley Updates
Mayweather vs Mosley
Vivek Wallace

Manny Pacquiao: Lay Down After Lay Down

Street vernacular for an easy contest or an easy victory is often referred to as a 'lay down'. When you think of the way Pacquiao walked through his last few opponents, many would use the term, as it would appear that very little effort was necessary in gaining the victories. Looks have always had a way of deceiving us, and in the case of Pacquiao, this could be no closer to the truth, as the fightin' Filipino has recently gone on record and stated that his last two fights have taken more out of him than anyone seems to know. Based on that reality, Pacquiao has apparently decided to lay down after the 'lay downs', making a conscious decision to take a few extended months off to rest after taking such a great welterweight pounding. Clottey didn't land too many clean shots, but when he did, as he predicted, they landed with optimal impact. The most telling details of this truth came the morning after when I received an early a.m. call from my Mother who happened to scroll past ESPN. Her first question....."Vee, you mean to tell me that the cute little Filipino boy 'Packy' lost last night"? My response......"no, Mom, 'Packy' (as she calls him) won last night". Her reply......"He won with his face looking like that"! I had to remind her, just as ESPN only showed half the story, so did the seemingly easy victory. Hopefully the peoples champ heals well and returns soon. There's a guy named 'money' on the table who he probably wants to get his hands on right about now! Stay tuned....

Joshua Clottey: Diarrhea, or Just Full of **it?

Last Saturday night, fight fans had the opportunity to watch a rather un-'EVENT'-ful affair as Filipino Manny Pacquiao delivered a thorough one-sided beat down of Ghana native Joshua Clottey. In a sad affair, the sport of boxing had the undivided attention of the world around it, but failed to capitalize, simply because one man apparently didn't come to fight. Days after the colossal collapse, the Ghana native went public with a story that his effort was subpar due to the fact that he ate a batch of bad food that gave him diarrhea. Clottey has always been a stand up guy and I wouldn't take this opportunity to start questioning him. Then again, perhaps I don't have to, because in accordance with his story, after that weak performance, I firmly believe that if only for that one night, he was truly full of **it!

Playin' for Pacquiao: Who Got Next?

Now that Pacquiao has completed his showdown with Clottey, a ton of other combatants have lined up to take him to task. Edwin Valero would be a true head-bangers brawl, Antonio Margarito in the Philippines would be an instant smash as well. Both options sound great in theory, but when you get beyond the novelty crew, the usual suspects seem to find their way right back in the fold. Negotiations may prevent things from happening, but no question, the Mayweather/Mosley winner will remain at the forefront.

Chambers/Wladi-K: Heavyweight Strap Comin' Home Again?

If all goes according to plan, this Saturday could be the first time in a long time that the world of boxing sees a portion of the heavyweight strap return to America. Won't be a walk in the park for "Fast" Eddie Chambers, but of the American heavyweights in the mix, none possess the overall ability of Chambers. Many remember him as the talented but non-threatening heavy that lacked pop. A glimpse of his work against Dimitrenko a few months shows exactly what he can do against a bigger target. Wladimir represents one of the best in the biz, but if Chambers has any shot, it'll be against the sporadic Klitschko, not the older one that comes to seek and destroy.

Freddie Roach: Bigger is Better, But Give Us The Small Package

With Pacquiao getting the job done against Clottey, the mission at hand has shifted to his next man in line. Several have thrown their name into the hat, but veteran trainer Freddie Roach has stated clearly who he likes in the group. Roach feels that Pacquiao's chances are great against any of the men, but the one he wants most? The other 'little' guy with big power.....Edwin Valero. Once you get beyond the potential Mayweather showdown, all the other guys become a bit marginalized, yet the intrigue with Valero is that he's the only one in the mix that wouldn't come excessive height and reach advantages. Given his true warrior spirit, it would be another throwback classic, cut from the cloth of the Morales, Barrera, and Marquez battles. Hard to say who'll get the nod, but if Freddie has it his way, the question will be met with an easy answer.

Mayweather/Mosley: Test Before the 'Test'

It's official.....Floyd Mayweather jr. and Shane Mosley will undergo randomized blood testing during their respective fight camps which is expected to commence Monday, March 22nd. With all the typical 'this-one-will-but-that-one-won't' type dialogues recently, seems a bit refreshing to have two men that will, without question or delay. Details of how the test will go down specifically have yet to be completely disbursed, but after a series of test, it'll be intriguing to see if these two men handle the 'test'. Pacquiao spoke of fatigue (when asked to take part in the test) while others said there would be no such effect. Truth is, we don't know.....but we sure as hell are about to find out!

Ali Funeka: 'Drawin' A New Script....

The last time Dominican Joan Guzman faced Ali Funeka, he escaped with a draw. Many who witnessed the blatant robbery knew full well the only thing 'drawn' in the aftermath of that showdown was the level of interest to his opponent, Ali Funeka, who has seen his stock rise in the minds of fight fans. With only a few more days remaining before the two step back in the ring, seems Funeka is well prepared to draw up yet another script. One that varies quite a bit from what we've seen in his days on American soil. What could this script be? Not only a decisive victory, but one that actually sticks! Soon enough we can tune in for his display.....

Andre Ward Preparin' for 'Green-Mile'?

Allan Green is the newcomer to the famed Super 6 Super Middleweight tournament, but you'd never know that with the comments we hear tossed around on the heels of Ward's recent injury that caused a postponement of their scheduled showdown. Maybe he's been this vocal for a reason....ever think about that one? He goes by 'Ghost Dog', he's more of a punisher, but come the end of the night when they do meet, he could be the new 'executioner', as many think Ward could crumble at one of the hands of the talented puncher. Ward has never been short on talent himself, but Green is no Kessler. Can't wait to see this one go down. Somehow I think both men will have their hands full when the bell rings.

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